Sun FireDefense’s growth opportunities let you invest in aerospace grade fire prevention technology used to prevent the destruction of wildfires.

In the United States alone there are more than 250 wildfires on average every year. California alone suffered over $180 billion in damages over the last two years,..not to mention the ever-increasing threat globally with this last year being Australia and Canada. There are also about 4.5 million homes, and 6 million utility poles, all in wildfire areas throughout the U.S. Given the ever-increasing threat, there’s not a product on the market that provides the kind of long term, high-temperature fire defense solution at the temperature ratings 3,000F+…until now. The public and utility companies desperately need a protection from the ever-increasing threat of fire damage, and Sun FireDefense is here to provide it.
Sun FireDefense coatings and fire wraps are a game-changer in fire protection. Sun Fire products last years, providing long term, aerospace-grade fire protection that far surpass the standard Class “A” 10-minute rating between 1600-1800F with wildfires burning up to 2400F. Our SPF 3000 clear spray and aerospace firewraps can be applied to any surface. Both products have passed laboratory tests giving it an extended 30-minute burn rating as well as a 8-minute pass at 3,000F. The spray is a triple threat that dries clear inhibiting rot, mold, mildew, and termites.

Our Sun Fire Wrap recently sustained over 6,000F and 70,000 lbs. of thrust on rocket stands used by one of the top 3 worldwide private spaceflight companies. We’ve developed the same technology to protect utility poles, fiberglass for marine applications, decking under roofing, vents, or structural openings from burning embers. Although nothing is fireproof, these products will help by time and give people and structures a fighting chance to survive. All testing, approvals, testimonials and toxicity report available on request. Please contact Eddie Tantoco, CFO on this amazing, pro-survival opportunity at 301-219-8800.

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