Our Dedicated Team

In order to provide some of the highest quality fire retardant products on the market, Sun FireDefense has built up a team of individuals who work tirelessly to make our mission of “defending life and property from wildfire” a reality. We’ve been able to achieve this through persistence, research, talented contributors, and a drive to help save property and lives.


Jim Moseley has always been a passionate pursuer of technical knowledge as well as an entrepreneur. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Missouri as well as studied at UMKC Conservatory of Music playing trombone. Then following his passion for music performing with Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Jr. Henry Mancini, Grover Washington Jr., and many other groups and symphonies around the world. Jim is the lead soloist on his Grammy-nominated recording with Roger Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra. He was also a founding member and principal trombonist of the Crystal Cathedral Symphony Orchestra.

However, his musical talent did not overshadow his business pursuits and Mr. Moseley worked at Mass Mutual in Newport Beach under his mentor Thomas L. Thorkelson…and later founded The Moseley Group, an insurance company focused on protecting assets of high net worth individuals. During its growth, he was nominated by President Regan and YEO (now EO for Entrepreneurs Organization) as one of America’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs under 30.

Jim started Sun FireDefense and began working with great minds in aerospace and wildland firefighting to create a more survivable fire shelter to save the lives of firefighters. This evolved into materials that could insulate against heat and flames at extreme temperatures for applications like rocket stand wraps, recently used by a major private aerospace company. This wrap sustained 6,000F of heat and over 70,000 lbs of thrust through multiple tests. Jim was also honored by Patrick Soon-Shiong and the Los Angeles Business Journal for the Innovation of the Year award for public safety. Jim and his team are continuing to advance Sun FireDefense and innovative fire prevention technologies for residential, commercial, marine, and utility pole fire protection applications.


Eddie served as Vice President of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc., from June of 2004 to May 31, 2012, is a graduate of the University of Maryland, also attended the Masters in Tax program at the American University, passed the CPA exam in Baltimore.

Prior to joining Starwood, Eddie was with Marriott Corporation from 1986, went on to serve as Vice President of Host Marriott Corporation until 2001 when Eddie was elected as a partner with Meridian Investments, based in Boston and appointed as Vice President of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc., in 2004.

Eddie’s main passion in life is helping to educate homeless children and the children of our Fallen Soldiers and Law Enforcement officers because his philosophy in life is: “whatever it is you want in life is what you give to others”.


Rachel Wright, MST, CPA is Director of Finance at SunFire Defense. She has vast experience building accounting departments and creating internal controls for fast-growing entities in the real estate development industry, from architecture to construction to manufacturing. With management and leadership experience in her field, she manages the finance and tax aspects at SunFire. Previously she led the finance and accounting department of a fast-growing manufacturing company and has also worked with clients on several tax audits with various federal and state agencies.

Rachel is also managing partner AB FinWright LLP, a CPA firm located in Los Angeles.  She has a Master of Science in Taxation (MST) from Golden Gate University. She is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of California and is currently pursuing her Masters Certification in International Tax in order to address any international tax intricacies.

She emphasizes work-life balance to her clients in her own life by spending time riding dressage, yoga, hiking, and traveling with her family.


Craig Weeks has over 30 years of fire service experience, 21 of which have been with the Los Angeles County Fire Department Fleet Services Division. He recently retired as the division chief of Fire Fleet Services, where he oversaw the design, acquisition, maintenance, and repair operation of nearly 1,800 emergency and support vehicles, boats, and ancillary equipment.

In 2014, Weeks started Specialty Fleet Consulting which provides fleet management consulting services, primarily for Fire Departments, including the design and acquisition of fire suppression and protection vehicles and equipment.

He has also written several published articles and has been called upon as a speaker/instructor on apparatus purchasing and specification development. Craig’s talents and abilities tie in perfectly with Sunfire’s overall attack plan for both long-term and short-term wildfire solutions.


Chief Ken Lukins, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired), has 40 plus years of experience in facility and Installation Security and Safety, Crisis Management, Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Piracy, Maritime Safety, and Security, Environmental and Emergency Response to include Oil Spills, Chemical Releases, Natural Disaster Response, Law Enforcement/Drug Enforcement, Customs, and Immigration Operations.

Ken has provided First Responder services in Crisis Management, Security and Safety, and related Training, Drills, and Support Services for the Energy, Chemical, and Transportation Industries, and various governments. Ken has lead team efforts in assessing and developing security operations throughout the world and is currently heavily engaged in assisting governments and corporations in the Middle East and Africa. Ken enjoys standing behind one of his ballistic rated windows drinking his Starbucks latte while friends fire AK47 rounds into the glass.


In his 20-year career as a Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Commander Ed Hiner saw nine major deployments and commanded hundreds of strategic combat missions and operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and across the globe. Amongst numerous other awards, he earned two Bronze Stars with “V” for valor and combat leadership. For two years Ed was the Executive Officer and team leader for the British Special Boat Service (SBS), serving with Task Force Black in a U.S. – U.K. joint commando operations unit under JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command). In his role as a Navy Special Warfare Training Officer, Commander Hiner led basic and advanced training for all Navy SEALs on the national level that included strategic planning and policy determination for the SEAL community. As a SPECAT Officer, he held above Top Secret clearance involving national and international operations. He was the first-ever Navy SEAL in recorded history to be spot promoted for a combat command for the Battle of Ramadi known as Iraq’s Triangle of Death.

Lieutenant Commander Ed Hiner is an LA Times best-selling author of First Fast Fearless, a frequent subject matter expert on the national news, and principally featured in the 2018 docu-series on The History Channel titled US Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors. Ed also holds a Master of Science in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego, is a keynote speaker for corporate events, and manages a leadership and performance development company that conducts corporate training for businesses and organizations.


Tashell brings a breadth of experience to the Sun FireDefense team. During her career in professional fitness, high fashion, and as a lifestyle model, she worked with companies such as Nike, Reebok, Google, T-Mobile, and Samsung. She then went on to work for Singular Research in outside sales and as a conference coordinator, where she was in charge of a marketing strategy that focused on increasing attendance at conferences as well as prospecting high net-worth individuals. Tashell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in legal studies from UC Berkeley, and now brings her analytical and systematic reasoning to the Sun FireDefense team. Outside of the office, Tashell has a passion for running and is involved in the community as an advocate for Peace Over Violence’s Voices Over Violence Program as well as being a part of the Holidays for Hope program.


Zach is an experienced business attorney, representing clients through all stages of business development, with a focus on company growth and fundraising. He serves as Sun Fire Defense’s general counsel, strategically advising the company on everything from compliance to fundraising and corporate structuring. Zach has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Washington, and a Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law, specializing in Business Law and Taxation.


Marcus Cintas was born in San Diego Ca. He is the son of a retired Navy Captain and, owner of the world’s largest Tuna Fishing Purse Seiner “The Apollo”. He graduated from the University of San Diego with a major in business where he went on to a career in Entertainment, Business/Real Estate Finance, and Real Estate development.

Some of his greatest strengths combine an analytical and strategic capacity with natural strong sales skills. He has worked with various groups such as HARCOURTS, CLEAN SPARK INC., and STARWOOD, to contribute strategically in areas such as marketing, sales, operations, and finance. His area of focus over the last 6 years has been in the area of municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals as well as working with the military at Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Marcus has traveled the world as an advanced surfer. He loves golfing, baseball, his wife Nicole, and daughter Dylan.




In order to provide the best quality service and adhere to the highest possible standards, Sun FireDefense has tirelessly recruited top tier advisors to ensure our mission of “defending life and property from wildfire” is successful.




Chief Riddle has more than 40 years of experience in fire and emergency services including 28 years with Las Vegas Fire & Rescue as an Executive Fire Officer. He has been actively involved in several national fire service organizations, including the National Fire Protection Association, and served on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He is currently the Executive Director for the Nevada Fire Chiefs Association. He has been an independent fire and EMS consultant for the past 25 years. He has a vast network of fire officials both nationally and internationally. Ken is a vital part of our team in an advisory and creative role and he has been able to identify critical fire protection issues and unique and creative solutions with the development of Sun FireDefense products.



William was raised in Colombia and immigrated to New York City as a boy with his family. He became a Port Authority Police Officer and narrowly survived the September 11 attacks. He was buried under the rubble for a total of 13 hours along with fellow Port Authority officer John McLoughlin. At the time of the attacks, he was a rookie police officer assigned to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. He saw the shadow of the airplane that seconds later hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. He rode to the WTC site with 20 other Port Authority police officers in a commandeered bus. The collapse of the South Tower trapped Jimeno and three other officers under the concourse between the Twin Towers. Only Jimeno and McLoughlin survived. In 2006, director Oliver Stone, released his film World Trade Center, about this experience. It was William’s comment to Jim Moseley that “Once the beams reached 2000F, the concrete inside of the beams started to explode causing the steel to fail. Had the inner steel beams been wrapped in your fire blanket it could have bought an hour or two to evacuate before the ultimate collapse of both towers.” that led Sun FireDefense to further pursue commercial applications of their product. William has been instrumental in connecting Sun FireDefense with big influencers such as SOM Architects and the New York Port Authority.


As a retired U.S. Navy SEAL with twenty-four years of service, Duke enlisted as a Seaman Apprentice and retired as a Lieutenant Commander. Highlights of his Naval SEAL career include two unconventional combat tours in Vietnam. As plank owner and original founding member of SEAL Team Six, a JCS Tier One, Counter-Terrorist Command, Duke was the Officer in Charge of the rescue of Governor-General Paul Scoon of Grenada in 1983, the evacuation of the American Embassy in Lebanon in 1989, and forced Manual Noriega into the Catholic Church in Panama. Mr. Leonard is an international consultant and program manager with over forty years of experience specializing in the design, development, and implementation of security-related services in a semi or non-permissive environment. His unique skill set and technical expertise in areas of threat, extend Sun Fire’s scope into ballistic protection within commercial structures as well as fire protection. With the defined projects that are outlined within future commitments between Sun Fire and the UAE, this combination creates a higher overall safety factor in strategic planning.