Reliable Fire Prevention Products in CA

SPF 3000

Developed with the most extreme situations in mind and backed by some of the most influential experts and institutions in aerospace, fire prevention, and electric power generation, this groundbreaking clear fire retardant spray prevents the ignition and spread of fire on treated surfaces and lasts for years. With a Class A Flame Spread Rating, the solution was inspired by technology used at the leading company in commercial space flight as part of a vision to defend life and property from wildfire. 

Why does it work? SPF 3000’s self-extinguishing mixture includes a combination of resins along with a super alloy that expands and contracts when reacting to different levels of heat. When heat is applied, on a molecular level, the solution expands, absorbing the heat, protecting the surface it is covering, and cutting off oxygen to the fire, making it self-extinguishing. Unlike intumescent paint, once the heat is removed, it doesn’t harden or create an arduous barrier that is difficult and costly to remove. Instead, it contracts to its original state, allowing wood and other materials to breathe, which is essential for preservation. The solution dries clear and is also infused with termite, mildew, mold, and rot repellant, making it an excellent sealant for both wood and stucco.

We would be happy to give you a personal product demonstration and show you just how our product works and why we are so enthusiastic about it.

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Sun FireDefense’s Home
Protection System

Sun FireDefense’s Home Protection System combines fire prevention best practices and technology with innovative chemistry. How does it work? First, your water source is mixed with an environmentally and plant-safe fire retardant product called Cold Fire. When a fire approaches, the fire sprinkler system is triggered automatically by perimeter heat sensors, coating your home in the hybrid liquid solution and adding an additional layer of safety to your home (this process can also be triggered remotely). 

How does it compare to other fire defense systems? Sun FireDefense’s Home Protection System is somewhat autonomous in that it douses structures with water stored on the property and does not rely on wifi. If a utility grid goes down due to fire damage or overuse, systems are prepared and ready for action either through tanks and pumps installed on the property or existing water features such as pools and ponds. Electricity can also be autonomous. Sprinkler systems can be permanent or portable. Sun FireDefense staff will assist with the configuration and training to set up portable systems as needed.

Sun FireDefense Fire
Shield Fabric

SunFire Defense’s Fire Shield Fabric acts as a flexible flame retardant, originally developed for firefighters to withstand extreme heat, and later used to protect launch pads for Virgin Galactic shuttle launch tests. The fabric, coated with SPF 3000, will not burn and provides long-lasting insulation for heat up to 2300 degrees. The fabric produces no smoke or fumes when hit by flames and can be used to secure vents, structural openings, and manufactured into covers and frames for windows.