Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration – Lightning Strike Test 2017

The Bonneville Power Administration, one of 32 utility companies in the U.S. that services the Pacific Northwest, ran a 30-minute lightning strike simulation test on two utility poles, one with Sun FireDefense’s coating and one without. Both poles burned while the voltage was applied. The pole treated with SPF 3000 burned less vigorously and extinguished itself more quickly than the untreated pole. The conclusion- the treatment will not prevent electrically-caused pole fires, but it may limit the damage done to the structure in some cases. (Test results here)

Turner Maclane (environmental consulting agency) 2018

Turner Maclane conducted an evaluation of wood treated with the patented formula (SPF 3000) to determine if it would pose an environmental or health threat. Additionally, it was tested to define if a normal treatment process would render the treated material to be classified as ‘hazardous waste’ by State or Federal regulatory standards.  All results were “non-detect” for Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), indicating that there are no VOCs present at concentrations above the laboratory reporting limits. The results also showed that the wood products treated with the solution did not exhibit properties of hazardous waste and do not show any evidence of posing an environmental threat to the structure to which they are applied.   (Test results here)

American Society for Testing and Materials 2016/2018

The purpose of this test method was to evaluate the ability of a product to limit the surface spread of flame when evaluated for 30 minutes. The formula met the conditions of classification as outlined in ASTME-2768-11. For the initial 10-minute test period, the test specimen had a flame spread index less than or equal to 25 and the flame front did not progress more than 10.5 feet beyond the centerline of the burners at any time during the thirty-minute test period.

Demonstration of SP3000 Sprayed on Fire Department Fire Shelter

Virgin Orbit completes their first fuel thrust test on a rocket stand outfitter with FireShield Fabric as insulating wraps on the steel support beams. Combustion temps are just under 6000°F (wildfire burns at up to 1,472° F).

National Technical Systems (NTS) 2019

SUN FireDefense passes a 15-minute ignition and flame spread test at 2100 degrees (wildfire burns at up to 1,472° F)