About Sun FireDefense

Sun FireDefense is the premier provider of advanced fire defense and home wildfire protection products in the U.S. By utilizing aerospace-grade materials, they deliver lasting, high-temperature fire protection that stops the ignition and spread of fire for years, with one application.

On average, over 60,000 wildfires burn up to 10 million acres in the U.S. each year.

In 2017 alone, California had over $180 billion in losses due to wildfires.

Over the coming decades, western and northern North America is projected to have a major escalation in wildfire activity — five or more times the current levels — in total wildfire area burned.


Wildfires move at the same speed humans sprint


Destroy the majority of homes during wildfire event

Fire Season

Longer than ever before; now year-round in many areas.

From Inside

In the event of a wildfire, most homes actually burn from the inside

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