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Sun FireDefense is one of the only companies to provide products and services that saved structures in California’s

deadly Skirball and Woolsey fires.

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SUN FireDefense is a revolutionary provider of advanced fire-retardant products, the line was inspired by and engineered in partnership with some of the most influential experts and institutions in aerospace, fire prevention and electric power generation. Sun FireDefense delivers long-lasting, high-temperature fire protection that inhibits the ignition and spread of fire for years (versus minutes or hours), with one application.

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On average, over 60,000 wildfires burn up
to 10 million acres in the U.S. each year.

In 2017 alone, California had over $180 billion in losses due to wildfires.

Have you done enough to fireproof your home?

Our Proven Solutions

SPF 3000

Developed with the most extreme situations in mind and backed by some of the most influential experts and institutions in aerospace, fire prevention, and electric power generation, this groundbreaking clear fire retardant spray prevents the ignition and spread of fire on treated surfaces and lasts for years. With a Class A Flame Spread Rating, the solution was inspired by technology used at the leading company in commercial space flight as part of a vision to defend life and property from wildfire. 

Sun FireDefese's Home Protection System

Sun FireDefense’s Home Protection System combines fire prevention best practices and technology with innovative chemistry. How does it work? First, your water source is mixed with an environmentally and plant-safe fire retardant product called Cold Fire. When a fire approaches, the fire sprinkler system is triggered automatically by perimeter heat sensors, coating your home in the hybrid liquid solution and adding an additional layer of safety to your home (this process can also be triggered remotely). 

15 January, 2022

Sun FireDefense

Dear Sun FireDefense,

In a most timely manner, your company has completed the painting of our new house and simultaneously the treating of all stucco and wood with your amazing fire retardant. The finished work is not only beautiful, but also provides us with a sense of comfort in a time when the news is filled with stories of raging wild-fires. I would highly recommend your product and service to anyone.

With All Best Wishes,

Dean Koontz

“As a ranch manager and former estate manager at Neverland Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley (also a California certified Firefighter), I have always had to prepare my client’s properties and their staff for the inevitability of fire. With the assistance of our director of safety and security, I conducted a private test of your materials at Neverland Ranch and was highly impressed with the performance of your product under a controlled yet extreme condition. After our private test, we had you apply to several key structures that were considered to be high risk for embers from wildfires. I personally recommend your product.”

Kyle F. Manager of Neverland Ranch in Santa Ynez, CA

"During that time, we lived through 2 wildfires, one of which got to within a quarter mile of the house. I have always felt like we were on borrowed time. But now, having gotten the house treated by Sun FireDefense, I feel much greater peace of mind. I still plan to evacuate if a fire comes close, but I am now confident that the house will still be here when I get back. That is far greater assurance than any amount of insurance can give me."

Brad G. Homeowner in Topanga, CA

"I have lived here in Topanga for 11 years. Sun FireDefense’s coatings are a game changer in fire protection. I wish their products existed back when I was an active firefighter. This is helping save lives and property."

Will Spyrison. 36-year Division Chief Angeles National Forest (Retired)

"Twice over the past decade, my wife and I have seen the flames of wildfires approach the beautiful home we built. Sun Fire Defense was the only company we’ve come across that offered a fire retardant solution that wasn’t last-minute. The process of treating our house was straightforward and took less than a week. Knowing our home and treasured family heirlooms are better protected from fire has given us much greater peace of mind. Thank you!"

Claude C. Homeowner in Rancho Santa Fe, California

"We learned about Sun Fire Defense online after being referred by our local Fire Captain, Kevin Buckley. We decided to treat our house based on testimonials from other customers. Insurance had also requested that we put a fire-resistant coating on the house. The crew was fast and courteous and we now feel safer knowing the property is better protected.”

Terri & Dennis C., Homeowners in Painted Cave, CA

"I live in a high-fire zone and have an all wood shingle house and I worry a lot about fire. I had a similar treatment done many years ago and was long overdue to have it done again. I was glad to come across Sun Fire Defense.”

Marilyn F., Homeowner in Santa Barbara, California

"Fires are a constant threat in the area of my residence as there is a large number of Eucalyptus trees to the east and north east of us. This is the direction Santa Ana Winds would bring a threat to our neighborhood. I found out about Sun FireDefense through a mailer that was sent out. Prior to this, I had in mind that a fire retardant application would be wise in light of the threat we face. From the mailer and contact I learned more about intumescent coatings and how it would be applied by a painting contractor to our building. The crew that came out to do the work was knowledgeable and efficient in conducting the work. Now that the work is completed I feel a sense of relief that we have some protection from wildfires"

Henry G. in San Diego, CA

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