Utility Pole Fire Protection

Utility Pole Fire Protection

Wildfires and brush fires are a major threat to utility infrastructure. High replacement costs, downed lines, and associated outages are major liabilities. We work with U.S. and Canadian based utility companies to protect utility poles from wildfires. For a small fraction of the cost of replacement, our products protect wooden utility poles from fire damage and extinguish poles ignited by lightning strikes.

SPF 3000 Utility Plus+ Solution

  • Developed using NASA’s technology to protect the Space Shuttle against extreme heat during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere
  • Class A Rated – [Download: 30 Minute Accredited Test Report]
  • Prevents ignition and spread of fire on treated surfaces
  • Years of fire protection from a single application
  • Dries clear and will not alter the integrity of wooden poles
  • Contains inhibitors effective against rot/mold/mildew, buprestis and termites

SPF 3000-treated utility poles resist flames and self-extinguish

FireShield Utility Pole Wraps

FireShield Wraps are a thin sheath that fits snugly over utility poles and can be permanently installed, or deployed at a moment’s notice to protect utility poles in imminent danger of fire. The sheaths are easy to install and are removable and reusable. The wool-ceramic fiber core will not burn, does not give off fumes, and insulates against temperatures of over 2300°F. FireShield Wraps are installed at or just below ground level and are available in multiple heights. The wraps even protect flammable creosote treated poles. Get in touch today to learn more about how Sun FireDefense can help defend your assets and infrastructure investment.

  • 20 Year LIfetime
  • Easy to install, removable/reusable
  • Protects wooden poles against brush fire and wildfire damage
  • Effective even on creosote treated poles
  • Available in multiple heights
  • Can be left in place permanently or used to protect infrastructure in imminent danger

Durable Protection

Sun FireDefense FireShield Fabric

  • The core component in FireShield Utility Pole Wraps
  • Will not burn and provides long-lasting insulation to over 2300 degrees
  • Creates no smoke or fumes when hit by flames
  • Effective even on creosote treated/flammable wooden poles
  • Incorporated into fire shelters for firefighters and Forest Service

Lightning Strike Simulation

At 53,000°F, lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun! And it’s safe to say, many times hotter than even the most intense wildfires (which have been recorded as hot as 2700°F).

To simulate a lightning strike, two wooden utility poles, one treated with SPF 3000 and one untreated, were hooked up to a high-voltage power transformer. The transformer was turned on, hitting the utility poles with half a million volts of electricity! While both poles caught fire when hit with that much juice, the pole treated with SPF 3000 burned less intensely and quickly extinguished.